Warehousing and Distribution

Alroprim Blasco has a large platform for the storage and distribution of fruit and vegetables. With more than 2000m² of refrigerated warehouses, the company ensures rigorous and efficient distribution.


The warehouses are equipped with a Controlled Temperature Management system to ensure the control of the cold of goods at -2 ° and an Absoger system (Ethylene) allowing the control of product maturity.
Thus equipped, the company can guarantee continuity of supply to its customers in all seasons.


Health safety is ensured by the implementation of procedures and controls that meet good hygiene practices.



The demand for quality and customer satisfaction has led Alroprim Blasco to engage in a Quality approach in order to guarantee irreproachable temperature-controlled traceability for each shipment.


Thereby, the logistics / distribution / warehousing service ensures, by sampling, that the products received comply with community and national standards in terms of standards and health.


Registered since 2002 in the Saint Charles Quality Approach, the company renews its certification every year, validated by agreement between Saint Charles International and the General Directorate of Consumption, Competition and Fraud Control (DGCCRF). This approach follows the recommendations of the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), an international benchmark in the agrifood sector.

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